Who We Are

Shakla & Tariya is a term in Aramaic that means give and take, an exchange of words, a dialogue or a discussion. The spirit of Shakla & Tariya is reflected in our world of values:

We believe that focusing on structuring a negotiation process and the way it is managed, with consideration for the day after, is important and essentially impacts the content and results of a negotiation.

We believe that emotion is the main driver of interpersonal behavior and of the way we make decisions, and it is therefore important to build a relationship based on trust and listening, and to establish an ethical system anchored in curiosity, humility, stamina in a discomfort zone, and empowering the other, which enhance the negotiation process.

We empower and assist individuals, businesses, organizations and communities, in Israel and internationally, to grow and prosper, using negotiation methodologies developed by the founder of Shakla & Tariya, Atty. Michael Tsur, and the staff of Shakla & Tariya who specialize in the Tsur Method

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Shakla Team

Atty. Michael Tsur, Founder of Shakla & Tariya and Developer of the Tsur Method

Atty. Michael Tsur is an international expert in negotiation, crisis management and conflict resolution, in a wide range of fields, and was one of the designers and developers of the field of mediation in Israel.
“When I look at Arman Darian’s artwork that incorporates the seven species, it moves me. The choice of this theme was not accidental but is one of the first foundations of Shakla & Tariya, one of abundance and generosity. It is an approach to negotiation based on giving and receiving, not on making a fist.”

Michael Tsur Atty., Shakla & Tariya Founder

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